Epilepsy & Pregnancy Registry

What are the benefits and aims of this registry ?

To provide state of art medical services to the pregnant women with epilepsy in liason with their attending doctors

To provide pre conception counselling to couples with epilepsy in order to facilitate safe pregnancy & healthy children

The programme would also aim at holding CME programmes for imparting knowledge to doctors (Neurologist , physicians , gynaecoligists) including doctors in peripheral centres

To promote research which would improve standards of treatment of patients

With help of Govt/ NGO provide free antiepileptic drugs/ investigational facilities to needy patients.

Epilepsy & Pregnancy Registry

Who are the Specialists involved in the rehistry ?

Department of Neurology

  • Dr.R.K. Sureka(Prof & Head)
  • Dr.Amit Agarwal(Assist.Prof)
  • Dr. Gaurav Goyal (Assist.Prof)

Depart. of Obc & Gynae

  • Dr.(Mrs.)Swati Garg
  • (Prof & Head)

Deptt of Radiodiagnosis

  • Dr. Anand Varma
  • (Prof & Head)

Deptt. of Paediatrice
  • Dr.Muneev Kakkar
  • (Prof & Head)

Deptt. of Genetic
  • Dr. Rekha Gupta
  • (Assist. Prof)