•  Patient reports to the reception of the hospital.
  • Patient can enquire from May I help you Desk.
  • Reception office refers the patient to the concerned department/doctor.
  • Patient reports there, and concerned doctor investigates the patient's case history.
  • If required, patient is advised for admission in the hospital. In case of admission, the patient is given the admission date and admission form is filled for further formalities.
  • Before admission, the patient is counseled by the PRM executives regarding the treatment package which includes: Estimated bill size, Average length of stay, Hospital facility.

When the patient arrives at the ward, Patient will then be checked by the ward doctor and staff - this involves taking a medical history and ordering of tests if necessary. The daily routine in the ward includes activities such as ward rounds by doctors, meals, visiting hours and bedtime. However, this routine may vary as laboratory tests, x-ray, treatment and other procedures will take place when required. If required, the doctors operate the patient as part of the treatment. The patient's medical records and information on their medical condition are confidential. We will only share this information with the patient and the next-of-kin. If the immediate family members wish to know more about the patient's condition, they can approach the appropriate coordinator to arrange for convenient time to meet the concerned doctor. The safety and wellbeing of our patient is our utmost concern to us. We advise our patients to remain within the hospital premises until they are discharged by the concerned doctor.


A discharge summary certificate will be given to the patient before leaving the ward. In case the patient needs a medical certificate, he/she has to inform the doctor or nurse in advance so that it can be prepared before the patient's leaves. Before leaving the ward, patient is handed over with detailed discharge summary, which includes doctor's advice on their further follow-up treatment, daily routine diet, and medical prescription. The doctors may give the schedule of follow-up at the OPD, they can feel free to contact the concerned doctor for any query related to treatment.

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