Services available on 24 X 7 basis at the Hospital are:
  •         Mortuary and Medico Legal Service  
  •         Accident and Emergency services  
  •         Parking Services
  •         Pharmacy: Ground Floor
  •         Blood Bank Lower Ground Floor
  •         Cafeteria Services: Ground Floor
  •         Ambulance: Available for transporting the patients*.
  •         Prescribed IPD Admission by your Doctor

Please contact Central Reception personally for availing Ambulance Services.

Kindly bring the following documents at the time of admission

Cashless/Corporate Patients:

  •          Identity proof
  •          TPA Card
  •          MRD Card, if already issued to you
  •          Record of previous Investigations and prescriptions

Cash Patients:

  •         MRD Card, if already issued to you
  •         Record of previous Investigations and prescriptions


Change of Bed Category:
  •          At the time of transfer from ICU, if the patient opts for a bed category lower than the single room, the cost of procedure/ surgery already done shall be charged as per single room category.
  •        In case of up gradation of room, all the charges shall apply as per the opted higher room category from day one except room rent.
  •         In case the patient opts for lower category the charges for the lower category will be levied from the date and time when the request for change of category is executed and subject to clearing the dues till that time.
  •          The transfer from ICU to ward will be subject to clearance of dues till that time.
  • In case of transfer to ICU the bed/room will have to be vacated.

You’re Rights as a Patient
  •         Access to medical care
  •         Continuity of care
  •         Informed Consent
  •         Refusal of treatment
  •         Respect and dignity
  •         Privacy and confidentiality
  •         Access to clinical records
  •         Personal safety and security
  •         To know the expected cost of treatment
  •         To know hospital rules and regulations
  •         Follow their spiritual and cultural beliefs
  •         Know the Identity of care providers
  •         Information and education about healthcare needs
  •         Grievance redresses 

For any problem regarding Patient care, Housekeeping, Maintenance or Food, please contact

  •          Sister In-charge/Staff nurse on duty or Floor Administrator on duty
  •         If the problem persists beyond 2 hours please contact Head Of PRM DEPT 
  •         Complaint register is available at Reception.

Patient's Food Timings:

   Morning Tea

   6:00 a.m.


   8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

   Mid Morning Snack

   11:00 a.m.


   1:00 p.m. to1:30 p.m.

   Evening Tea

   4:00 p.m.

   Evening Soup

   6:00 p.m.


   7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

   Bed Time Milk


Visitor's Policy:    

      Visiting hours 

·         All Wards: Mon-Sat

o   Morning -

 o  Evening -

·         All Sundays & Holidays:

o    Morning -

o    Evening -

·         All ICUs/ HDUs - All Weekdays:-

o    Morning -  

o    Evening -


  •          Entry to patient room is strictly on the basis of Attendant/ Visitor Pass.
  •          Attendant & Visitor's Pass - one each will be issued at the time of admission for patients getting admitted in a Sharing rooms.
  •          Only One attendant is allowed to stay with patient on 24 hrs basis (overnight).
  •         The passes are non transferable .Also they are returnable at reception at the time of Discharge.

Taking care of valuables:
  •         Please do not bring any valuables in the Hospital. Hospital Management shall not be responsible for any loss of your valuables.
  •         Please do not handover your mobile phone/valuable to any unknown persons or Hospital Staff.
  •         Attendants in Single, Deluxe Rooms are advised not to leave the room unattended. However, if you are leaving the room with the patient for any reason, please inform the concerned Sister-in charge or Staff Nurse on-duty for making arrangements to lock your room.

Billing & Discharge:
  • Billing cycle is from 12 midnight to 12 midnight next day, however on the day of discharge if the patient vacates the room by 12 noon no room charges shall be levied for that day. 
  •  Payments are to be made in Advance and whenever intimation for advance deposit is given to you, please clear the same.
  • For any problem regarding Billing, please contact Billing in-charge or PRM Office
  • When a consultant advises Discharge of the patient, it takes some time to prepare the final bill, discharge slip. As soon as the final bill is ready, you will be called to the Billing Counter. Please bear with us till then.
  • All bills must be paid before leaving the hospital.
  • Please note that hospital shall not be responsible for refusal of payment by your insurer, in such case, you will personally be liable for the settlement of the bill.

Check out time:
  •        Check out time is 12.00 noon
  •        Operation charges are levied according to the category in which patient is admitted.
  •        All payments are to be made in cash.

Suggestion Form:   
  •         You are requested to fill-up the Suggestion Forms available at Nursing Station/PRM office. You can also give your candid observation about the service rendered by the hospital and please put it in the suggestion box kept near Nursing Stations in Wards or Reception. Your suggestions will go a long way in improving our services further.
  •         Kindly Contact Central Reception for any kind of help, Preventive Health Check-up schemes and other Medical Beneficial schemes provided by this hospital. For Corporate/TPA Patients please contact respective desk at Ground floor.

Important Telephone numbers/ extension numbers of the Hospital:
  •        Front Desk………....…............ 09                                Medical supertendent.................+919001896579
  •        Cash counter reception...........291                              PRM Head...............................extention 519/196
  •        TPA…….……..……...............325                             Covid Booking Cell...............................+91 83069 98891
  •        PRM……………….................519                              Covid Help Desk...............................+91 83069 98892
  •        Blood Bank……….................109  
  •        Housekeeping........................208
  •        Patient Kitchen .................... 518
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