Epilepsy : most common neurological disorder  Epilepsy by definition is “tendency to recurrent seizures”. It is possibly the most universal of all medical disorders with the prevalence of 2 to 9 per thousand in India. 50 to 55 lacks of Indian population is suffering from the disease. It is equally prevalent in urban and rural population and because of lack of awareness and misconception in public, enormous psychosocial consequences are faced by most of the people with epilepsy. .

More than 6.5 Million epileptics in India and 50% are women

World wide prevalence of Epilepsy is 4-10 per thousand

In India all most 25 Lac women suffering from Epilepsy out of these 2/3 of women are from age group who can reproduce a normal child

Women with epilepsy (WWE) face additional problem related to sexual function and reproduction.

Infants of mother with epilepsy (IME) : increased risks of adverse effects of epilepsy, seizures during pregnancy and teratogenic effects of AED

Epilepsy & pregnancy Registry

What is registry of Epilepsy & pregnancy ?

Registry of epilepsy & pregnancy is a programme to monitor epilepsy in pregnant patients and offer optimal care. This will be one of few centres of this kind in India.

A regular schedule with adequate exercise and appropriate rest will keep you physically fit and may help you manage stress. It is important to take vitamins pregnancy with folic acid prior to and throughout pregnancy, to reduce the risk of certain kinds of birth defects. Since many of these problems occur very early in pregnancy (sometimes before you know you are pregnant), it is wise to start taking folic acid before becoming pregnant. Check with your physician about the exact dosage.

You may want to ask your physician for a referral to a genetics specialist who can help you assess the risks to your baby from your epilepsy, your seizure medication, and other inherited traits that may be present in your family.

Epilepsy and Pregnancy Registery was started to achieve holistic goals of providing best treatment, removal of various stigmas and social rehabilitation for the patients with special emphasis in rural areas. Epilepsy and Pregnancy Registery also aims to provide free medical care including drugs to the poor patients.