Newly Launched Free Medical Inspection Room at the Jaipur Airport

“Demanding mandatory medical facilities at airports in the country has garnered more than lakh signatures so far. Considering this, to make the travel of the passengers carefree and secure Mahatma Gandhi Hospital and Sri Ram Cancer & Super Specialty Center has taken an initiative by inaugurating Medical Inspection Room and Ambulance facility at Jaipur International Airport to avail the free medical facility. The inauguration was done by our honorable Chief Guest Mr. Joga Ram, IAS (District Collector, Jaipur). This medical center is open for passengers, Airport staff and CISF Staff 24/7.”.

Free Medicine & Investigation Scheme for IPD Patients in General Ward

A programme of “Free medicine and investigation” was launched by Govt. of Rajasthan on 2 October 2010 for improvement to health care of general public, particularly to less privileged section of society. Following the foot step, Hon’ble Chairperson Dr. M.L. Swarankar of Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Jaipur announced the programme of “Free Medicine and Investigation” from 12 July’2013. Accordingly, 303 Generic Medicine and 39 investigation of routine use are being provided to all patients admitted in General wards. Thousands of people of Rajasthan and neighboring state are immensely benefited with this scheme.

Medical Camps in Remote Areas

It has been an endeavored of Mahatma Hospital to provide its services to poor and needy living in remote villages of the state. So far 436 medical camps have been organized in most remote and under developed village where free medicine, routine investigations like blood sugar, ECG etc. has been carried out. M|GH is providing free transport facility for patient in need. Medical camps are attended by specialist of all disciplines.

Janani Suraksha Yojana 

High Maternal Mortality role has been a stigma in past history of Rajasthan. Govt. of Rajasthan is providing incentive for institutional deliveries under “Janani Suraksha Yojana”. Under this scheme incentive of Rs. 900/- and 1400/- are provided to urban and rural mothers undergone delivery in Govt. Hospital respectively. In order to further strengthen the noble cause and shoulder the social responsibility, Mahatma Gandhi Hospital is providing additional incentive of Rs. 500/- to each mother undergoing delivery and Rs. 300/- to each motivator for this purpose. ASHA WORKERS are getting benefits of concessional medical facilities in same manner as being provided to hospital staff.

Shubh Lakshmi Yojna

To reduce sex selection activities and create a conducive environment for all-round development of a girl child the Govt. of Rajasthan has launched “Shubh Lakshmi Yojna ” in year 2012. Under Shubh Lakshmi Yojna Rs. 2100 are paid to the Mother within 48 hrs. of the birth of a female child and Rs. 2100 is paid on completion of 1 year of age and successful vaccination of female child. Mahatma Gandhi Hospital is playing a vital role in successful implementation of this Noble scheme of Govt. of Rajasthan.

Free Normal & Cesarean Delivery Facilities 

To minimize Maternal Mortality and encourage institutional deliveries Mahatma Gandhi Hospital is providing “Free delivery” to all expecting mothers. In case of complicated labour “all Management Including Caesarian if necessary is performed free of cost. In this way Mahatma Gandhi Hospital is doing immense services to society for reduction of Maternal Mortality Rate and Neonatal Mortality.

Free Eye (Cataract ) Operation

Cataract, Glaucoma and Vitamin A deficiency has been major cause of blindness in India. Cataract is responsible for more than 70% cases of blindness. Mahatma Gandhi Hospital shouldered the efforts of Govt. of India by joining and successfully implementing National Blindness prevention and control programme. Free Cataract Surgery with intra ocular Lens implantation is carried out round the year by team of expert eye surgeons of the Hospital.

Free DOT’s for TB Patient

Among all communicable diseases, Tuberculosis has been most disastrous in terms of loss of lives, work force, suffering and economic burden to society. Govt. of India has been taking all possible measure to control and eradicate this dreaded disease. Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, has adopted “Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme” in which anti-tuberculosis treatment is provided to all sputum positive case under DOT’s scheme. Man power and infrastructure for implementation of scheme is provided by the hospital.

STD Clinic

STD clinic is established in department of Dermatology, Leprosy and Venereal Disease of the Hospital, under National Eradication of Leprosy and Sexually Transmitted diseases. Free consultation and treatment is provided to patients suffering from STD. Similarly, integrated treatment and counseling center is established in Microbiology lab of the Hospital for counseling of patient opting for voluntary HIV testing.

Free Sterilization Surgery

Population control has been a national agenda since Independence of India. Under the "Family planning & welfare program" free male & female sterilization are carried out at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital. Laparoscopic female sterilization is preferred by many women and this facility is available at our Hospital. Similarly, "No Suture" male sterilization carried out by trained surgeons. People under going voluntary sterilization enjoy same benefit has provided when performed in Govt. Hospital.

Free Vaccination

High infant mortality rate (IMR) and child mortality rate have been a problem in India in the past. Government of India in collaboration with World Health Organization has been able to eradicate two dreaded diseases i.e. Small Pox and Polio. In continuation of this effort Mahatma Gandhi Hospital is an active partner in “National Immunization programme. Following immunizations are carried out free of cost at department of Paediatrics.

BCG, Oral Polio, DPT, Hepatitis B, Measles, Oral vitamin A.

Well baby Clinics

Well Baby Clinicis established Department of Paediatric of the Hospital. Children are screened for their health.  “Road to Health” chart is maintained and explained to parents. Health education about nutrition and proper physical and mental development is imparted by skilled specialists in nutrition and pediatnutitions. No charge is levied on these social services.

Genetic Counseling Center

Genetic disorders are great burden to family and Society. With advancement of Medical Genetics, it is possible to detect such disorders in fetus before birth. Mahatma Gandhi Hospital has well equipped Genetic counseling center, manned by well trained and skilled doctors in Medical Genetics. This is a unique facility, available only at few medical centers in the city.

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