Jaipur Fertility is an institution committed to excellence in comprehensive medical & ethical care of infertile couples through conventional as well as Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) .Starting from infertility treatment to caring for your new born; all facilities are available under one roof at an affordable cost. 

Jaipur Fertility & Micro Surgery Research Centre (now a Unit of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur) is the first centre in Rajasthan & North India to deliver the first IVF and ICSI baby (in 1989 & 1994 respectively). So far more than 7000 IVF/ICSI babies (Test tube babies) have been born after treatment at our Fertility Centre is doing an average 900 IVF Cycles per annum.

The Center is equipped with latest equipments, fully equipped OT, Labour Room, NICU, PICU and Embryology Lab and Infertility Wing of International Standards.

Infertility is the inability to conceive after a year of trying. Both men and women have equal likelihood of suffering from infertility. Infertility is also increasingly being linked to increased work stress, hectic and fast paced imbalanced urban lifestyle, environmental toxins and delayed age at marriage.


In Vitro - Fertilization & Embryo Transfer (IVF - ET)


Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Laser Assisted Hatching

Freezing of Human Embryos & Gametes

Advanced Endoscopic Surgery

Reproductive Micro-surgery

Diagnostic & Invasive Imaging (Ultra Sound & X-Rays) Sciences & Clinical Endocrinology.  

Laurels & Credentials:-

  • First to deliver IVF & GIFT babies (Test Tube Babies) in Rajasthan and Northern part of India.
  • First to deliver IVF triplets in Northern India.
  • First to deliver an IVF baby through Micro Surgical Epididymal Aspiration combined with In Vitro Fertilization (MESA-IVF) in India
  • First to introduce 3-D- Digital Volumetric (Live 3-D) Ultrasound & Colour Doppler in India.
  • First to achieve a viable pregnancy (>34 wks.) following ROSNI with ICSI & TESE in a case of hypogonadotophic male (after hormonal therapy).
  • Highest no. of ICSI deliveries > 1000 babies.
  • Treated > 900 patients (IVF Cycle per annum) (Total IVF/ICSI babies born > 7000).
  • Highest no. of IVF babies in the world in cases of Genital Tuberculosis (>1000).
  • First to deliver an IVF baby through testicular sperms using conventional IVF.
  • Organized 1st International (Indo-German) Workshop on Endoscopic Surgery in Gynaecology in Jaipur.
  • First to deliver an IVF baby from 46 xy female (A Genetic Male) mother.
Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & Technology
Mahatma Gandhi Dental College & Hospital